The Viva System. Start Something New!

The Most Effective New Customer Referral System in Practice Today!

The Viva New Customer Referral Pak

The VivaPak is a "slider gift-pack" that opens upon pulling the tab!  
It contains a clear-plastic Starbucks-like card that has an introductory new customer offer of your choice. 
That VivaPak & gift card are handed to customers leaving the dealership to give to family members or friends!  


The Viva Reactivation
& Loyalty Mailer

The Viva Mailer is gorgeously designed with a beautiful insert that contains a personal message from the dealership.
This is a customer retention, reactivation & loyalty campaign where mailers are sent for birthdays,
holiday season or "We Miss You" reactivation mailers chosen by the dealership.

The Viva Neighborhood Brochure

The Neighborhood Mailing Campaign

The Viva Custom Brochure:  The brochure features
images and photos of your dealership, team, a full list of your services
and your mission statement!  The Neighborhood brochure is mailed to neighborhood homes
in the surrounding area to brand your dealership, your name and location!

Custom Designed Brochure

Your Mission Statement...Your Facility....Your Identification!

Your Services...Your Care...Your Emotions!


How Does the Viva System Work?

This Viva System is made up of 3 simple components:


Internal Referrals

The VivaPak:  This is an Internal Customer Referral campaign that uses a beautiful gift card, containing an introductory offer! Existing customers are handed the gift box & card to give to family members and friends! 

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Viva Database Mailers

The Viva Mailers: This part of the campaign sends mailers to your database for customer reactivation, retention & customer loyalty.


Neighborhood Mailers

The Neighborhood Mailers:  This part of the campaign sends brochure mailers to surrounding neighborhood homes to brand your dealership, your name and location!


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